August 3rd, 2010 | Category: news

Woah, I keep forgetting that a blog needs feeding – there’s no blog fairy in there putting up posts every now and then, no, it’s me…

So last thursday Six Impossible Things was launched. We forgot to take photos, so just as well there were some people there with iPhones and cameras. Otherwise how would we know it had really happened? Literary Life blogged it On The Night – talk about organised – and you can see some photos here.

After feeling that this was a scary and way too grown up thing to be doing, I reminded myself that I am an actual grown up, at least in theory, and I really enjoyed it. Thanks to everyone who came along. There was a happy atmosphere in the room, helped very much by many extremely nice people being present, Kaz Cooke’s funny speech, Nigel Langley’s lovely reading of Dan – I thought it would be nice for Dan to have a boy voice for his first public outing – and Joel and Alexa at Readings Hawthorn, who made sure the whole event ran smoothly.

It was a very strange experience being the one sitting at the table signing a book, when you’re used to being in the queue waiting for the book to be signed. My Friday Night School student asked me the next day if my hand got tired. No, it didn’t. Even if you sign quite a few books, it’s no more than writing the equivalent of a page or two and everyone has a little chat, so there’s resting in between.

6 responses to “launch”

  1. simmone says:

    wish i could have been there! you’re getting rave reviews! I knew you would 🙂

  2. DoctorDi says:

    Look at all those PEOPLE – how thrilling!! I’m so glad -and impressed – that you managed to relax enough to enjoy it, Fiona. It sounds like the perfect launch!

    • fiona says:

      It was fun. And because everyone kindly bought copies of the book, I have the totally unexpected – though specifically launch-sales-bubble – experience of sitting on top of Readings’ best seller fiction list this week!

  3. Megan says:

    Thanks for the shout out! Was a great night, and I love the photo of you behind your book – so cute!

  4. Cath Crowley says:

    It was such a good launch – that photo is a classic. Love it.
    Big cheer for you and for SIT!

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