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Sky staring is in the writer job description, like daytime sleeping is in the teenager job description. It’s a key selection criteria. Also horizon staring. Actually any distant gazing. It’s one of the things you do to open the idea portal. Things float in when you stop focusing. And when you’re asleep. A couple of weeks ago I wrote some ideas on an index card the moment I woke up. I found that card in my bag yesterday. Yes! Hooray! My great idea. An entire book distilled on one little index card. I’d forgotten all about you! I read it. It was crap. What happened? Portal malfunction. I need to get the portal guy in. Again. Sigh. But that’s not what I’m writing about. I’m writing about this sky, above. I think this is how weird white settler land use must have looked to the indigenous population way back then. What do you think?

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  1. Jim says:

    The photo is great. It reminds me of the story of how the original Australians came across a train line running through the desert and the only way it made sense was to see it as the tracks left in the sand by a giant snake.The outback seen from a plane looks just like indigenous art.The perspective is amazing.How could they picture it so accurately and know what it would look like from 20,000 feet ?

  2. George says:

    I concur violently. And, what’s more, as your teenage son, I can wholeheartedly both appreciate and roll my eyes at the thing about sleeping during the day and not paying attention. Or whatever the thing was.

  3. simmone says:

    i am both dizzy and blank looking at that thing.

  4. Cath Crowley says:

    I love that picture but I couldn’t say why. I could stare at it for ages though. Something about the clarity of the sky behind those lines.

    And the portal guy? If you find him, can I have his address?

  5. DoctorDi says:

    That beautiful big blue sky looks like home to me.

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