things that I can’t part with even though it’s probably bad feng shui, part 2

August 28th, 2010 | Category: guest posts, things

My old friend. My office dictionary. You can see how much preferential treatment it’s had over the years. It drops dried spine glue over everything, but I don’t have the heart to retire it.

On Another Matter! Simmone Howell – who will be back home soon – hooray – after a glittering glamorous tour of world literary festivals – and carrying a big chunk of a new work in progress – more hoorays – invited me to do a guest post over at post-teen trauma, and you can see it here.

6 responses to “things that I can’t part with even though it’s probably bad feng shui, part 2”

  1. Sally Rippin says:

    Fiona! Varuna buddy! I have just sat up all night reading your book. It’s brilliant! It is SO wonderful. Had I known what a treasure you were creating upstairs in that old house I would have picked your brains relentlessly. Truly I love it. What a fabulous character Dan is – what a great voice – and you are SO funny. I am quite envious. It was so perfectly paced with just the right amount of suspense and such fabulous drama. It made me think of all those fabulous John Hughes movies that got me through adolescence. And I can tell you being compared to ‘Pretty in Pink’ or ‘Sixteen Candles’ is a big compliment in my world. Big, big congratulations. You are MADE to write YA.
    Love and admiration.

    • fiona says:

      That’s a huge compliment in my world too! Thank you so much Sally, that’s very kind and generous, and it means such a lot coming from you. You know how much I LOVED reading your books when we were at Varuna. And congratulations on the French edition of Chenxi!

  2. DoctorDi says:

    My Roget’s Thesaurus looks *exactly* like your dictionary!

  3. susan says:

    Whew, finally went to Carlton and now have my own copy. Even though I can no longer call myself a young adult and adolescence is long passed I have spent a rainy Friday reading your terrific book. Here I am on the other side of the wall totally loving it. Now I wonder what exactly does your bad dog get up to. I plan to read this book out loud to a 5 year old going on 25!! so might get her to drop in if she has any questions for you.

    • fiona says:

      Oh, thank you Susan! I think you’ve seen some examples of bad dogness at first hand! Very happy to answer any young reader questions.

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