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September 22nd, 2010 | Category: Events

For anyone in Melbourne in the next week or so, BORDERS MELBOURNE CENTRAL is hosting two YA events – so come along if you can.

Thursday September 30, 5pm
Simmone Howell (‘Everything Beautiful’), William Kostakis (‘Loathing Lola’) and Gabrielle Williams (‘Beatle Meets Destiny’) all listed on Get Reading’s 50 Books You Can’t Put Down – will be reading and signing.

And then,

Saturday October 2, 2pm
Cath Crowely, Simmone Howell and I will get together for a session we’re calling ‘Normal Romance’ – the absence of vampires in realistic teen fiction. We’ll read, sign and chat about each other’s books – ‘Graffiti Moon’, ‘Everything Beautiful’ and ‘Six Impossible Things’ – and would love to see you there.

8 responses to “reading! signing! talking! come along!”

  1. T says:

    Just finished reading Six Impossible Things! Loved it! Can’t wait for your next book. Also I’m disappointed that I live in Sydney and not Melbourne because Beatle Meets Destiny (Gabrielle Williams) is currently my favourite book 🙁

  2. DoctorDi says:

    Fiona, I finally picked up a copy of ‘Six Impossible Things’ at Bookacino in Avalon during the babymoon – thus it became one of the very few things I actually managed to read while on holidays (more on that later), and I enjoyed it so much, it was such a breath of fresh air!! Dan was just what I needed! xx

    • fiona says:

      Thanks so much Di – I’m glad you enjoyed it. Lovely to have you back – although just read about your break which did not sound very restful!

      • DoctorDi says:

        I really did – it was actually perfect after the heaviness of Indelible Ink, too.

        No… not restful, but more than that I have realised there’s an entire visceral reaction to being elsewhere that is a very important part of holiday-making, the innumerable benefits of which were lost by staying home. Good to know – and an experiment worth trying!

  3. Jenny says:

    Fiona,I just read a comment you left at ‘Bean There, Read That’ – I LOOOOOOVE Charlie!!!! I can’t believe there is someone else out there who knows him let alone loves his flawed soul. I would sooo do him! Is that wrong? We must start an 8 Cousins appreciation society immediately. You have absolutely made my day!

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