this writing life, part 2

December 17th, 2010 | Category: writing

When I’m not talking to the dog, I often talk to the rabbit.

Goodbye from me and the rabbit and the dog. I’m going to cold places through the back of the wardrobe with the J-man and the tall children for a month or so.

I hope everyone has a wonderful festive/holiday season and that good things happen with friends, family and food X

4 responses to “this writing life, part 2”

  1. Helen Gaynor says:

    Hi Fiona – reporting from the Northern suburbs – Six Impossible Things sold out at the Clifton Hill Bookshop due to a run on the book after a good review. Bought the last 2 copies available at the Fairfield bookshop so none left there…not sure about the state of things at Readings in Carlton.
    So now awaiting the reviews of two very discerning 12 year olds who are getting the said copies for Xmas – hoping to read it myself on a hot beach with 2 increasingly tall children during my all too brief summer break…
    Don’t get snowed in! Brrrrr – cold enough in Melbourne

  2. DoctorDi says:

    Happy New Year, Fiona – I hope you’re having a wonderful break!

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