January 31st, 2011 | Category: other places

There are so many reasons I love Paris. Here are a few:

The old lady talking to a dog in a wagon outside Bon Marche.

‘Love locks’ all over the Passerelle des Arts that no one tries to ‘clean up’.

A patisserie window that looks like a dream.

The fact that when I say, hey, you guys, over here, and they do this, it’s still a good photo, because it’s beautiful Montmartre.

And walking home looks like this.

(Anguished sob.) Why is it so far away?

10 responses to “paris”

  1. Linno says:

    Hi Fiona, what great photos. third day here of high 30s, so those cold shivery looks are truly appealing. Of course it’s hot here – we’re back at work/school this week! Have a great time….

    • fiona says:

      Linno, we got those too! I’m putting some stuff up now we’re home, because I tried to have a more or less screen-free holiday…

  2. Sally Rippin says:

    Oh, I KNOW! Why can’t Paris just be a tram ride away!!!

  3. kate.o.d says:


    gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous place. i must be there. i have to go to there.

  4. simmone says:

    love the locks – your photos are gorgeous fiona. they make me want to run away!

  5. taylaaaa says:

    Paris looks amazing i wish i was there with you!! The ‘Love Locks’ looked fantastic!!
    The photos are great!!
    It looked like a great experience for you!

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