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I’m just going to show you a few pictures.

Because I keep thinking about posts, and feeling that there’s too much I want to say, and then saying nothing because I haven’t got time to write a long enough post to do justice to cities like this one.

Berliners have gsoh:

And a sensational transport system:

On New Year’s Eve…

…the U is full of happy kids with backpacks full of rockets and firecrackers and beer. They hit the streets, throw fireworks into the sky – and at each other. It’s very festive, and a bit alarming. And the next morning it looks like this – lots of rocket debris:

The art in Berlin is breathtakingly wonderful. From the contemporary collection at the Hamburger Bahnhof (where the temporary exhibition, Soma, deserves its own post)…

…and there is gallery after gallery of great stuff, like The well-shaven cactus

…and which has, among many other incredible things, a whole roomful of Cy Twombly…

…to the ancient world collections at the Pergamon museum…

…and the heartbreaking ‘Fallen Leaves’ at the Jewish Museum.

Food was good, too. Not as generally fabulous as, say, Melbourne, or Paris, but much more generally fabulous than, say, Prague.

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  1. Sally Rippin says:

    Oh I LOVE Cy Twombly – but that cactus-shaving provides some pretty heavy competition.
    All I remember of German food was that it was very white. Lots of potatoes and dumplings and cabbage. But that was a long time ago…
    Oh, these posts are giving me a bad case of itchy feet right now. x

    • fiona says:

      I love him too – and there was a whole roomful – and I didn’t even know they were there – and it was my birthday – it was the best present! We stayed in the old east Berlin, and there are so many people there from so many other countries there is lots of good food. There was still plenty of dumplingcentric food in Prague.

  2. Nomes says:

    Oh, wow. Loved looking at all these pictures! New Years Eve looked like so much fun ~ and I liked how you included the aftermath pic.

    Also, WOW re the jewish Museum. My parents went to Auschwitz last year and said it was just incredibly moving and surreal.

    Thanks for sharing!

    xo Nomes

    • fiona says:

      Hi, Nomes. It was my first time in Berlin, and I’d love to go back and spend some more time there. The Jewish Museum and the Holocaust Memorial were both wonderful. The ‘Fallen Leaves’ installation was shattering.

  3. Isobella says:

    Hi Fiona,
    Loved the pics of Berlin! When did you go? You came to our High School today. (For International Women’s Day) I loved the speech that you did and was wondering if there was an email that you could send me because i’m wanting to be an author when I grow up and need advice on where to publish and things like that for my books. I was also wondering if you could give me any tips on writing longer stories. (I have a stack of short stories but don’t know how to expand my ideas to make them longer!) Love to hear from you.
    P.S Love the purple boots you wore to our high school today! Also i’m really eager to read “6 impossible things”!

    • fiona says:

      Thanks for dropping in Isobella! I was in Berlin in January. I really enjoyed visiting your school today, and I’m so glad you liked the speech. There is a fantastic website called ‘Inside A Dog’ that I suggest you visit for lots of good info about writing and competitions and reviews and opportunities to chat to other readers and writers. I think it’s a great site for people who are interested in being authors, and for people who love reading. One tip for making your stories longer is to give your characters plenty of problems to grapple with and resolve.

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