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March 21st, 2011 | Category: festivals

Writer and reader heaven is a festival hosted by Somerset College on the Gold Coast. It’s a dedicated children’s and YA literature celebration. It’s buzzy, friendly, busy. Three huge marquees set up on the oval and four venues in the school itself are filled for three days – seven venues running five sessions a day, as well as various extra panels and workshops. The school quad becomes the Hardback Cafe, feeding thousands of hungry readers with signed books and food.

The library is set up as the writers’ green room for the festival. There were 33 visiting authors this year.

And here are a few of them cooling down between sessions, l to r – Michael Pryor, Cath Crowley, Andy Griffiths, Dan Ducrou and Ben Chandler.

It’s great to meet so many keen readers, and everyone had wonderful questions after the sessions. And it’s lovely being able to spend time with fellow writers. YA and children’s writers are some of the most generous and friendly people you could possibly imagine.

This is Kirsty Eagar and Gab Williams and me in the middle.

And for something to run this SMOOTHLY, you just know an ENORMOUS amount of work has gone into the planning. So big thanks to Somerset staff and students and volunteers for making it such a wonderful experience!

Karen Mackie – programming mastermind!

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  1. simmone says:

    ah you all look so sunny and smart!

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