the strangest planting in the whole world

November 13th, 2011 | Category: Uncategorized

Walking home from the city today I saw the strangest planting in the whole world.

‘Let’s Beat Bowel Cancer’ Did the headless horseman – The Marquis of Linlithgow – ever imagine he’d be prancing over a public health message in this manner?
Poor blog has been neglected for so long. I blame facebook. It’s not that I’m posting on fb, it’s just that when I visit, there’s such a lot of buzz and jitter, it feels like I must have done something.

This is how my brain feels after fb visits, photos, links, articles, youtubes, etc. For why?
I need more galleries and less fb – could use it as an excuse for going back to Paris…

…though we have plenty of wonderful galleries here. In Albury recently I saw the beautiful wallpapered drawings of sport by Richard Lewer.

I loved this work; it was tense and playful, affectionate and critical.
Staring out of windows is also good for a brain detangle.

Melbourne laneway artist, sorry I don’t know your name.

The end.

6 responses to “the strangest planting in the whole world”

  1. DoctorDi says:

    Cool photos, Fiona – and don’t worry, you’re not the only one whose blog is suffering from neglect. There is a lot of that going around (ahem…).

    • fiona says:

      Di, you are too kind – you have a brilliant excuse for a little blog neglect. I don’t. But next year my resolution is more posts with pictures like this one. I’m always taking photographs and never ‘use’ them, they just sit patiently being ignored in iPhoto, dear things.

  2. Cath Crowley says:

    Wow. What fantastic pictures. You make me laugh out loud. I love the picture of your brain. This is how mine feels all the time.

    • fiona says:

      And sadly, Cath, you know that it’s an accurate depiction. Thanks for coming by the blog; I enjoyed our writerly lunch today with Rebecca.

  3. Matt Armstrong says:

    Hello Fiona. Matt again. Just wondering, I have started writing a medical drama and a soap opera. I was wondering, do you still have a copy of your legal drama and bible on your computer? If so, can you, possibly [and if its no trouble], email it through to me?
    PS. I sent a letter to Mr. John Holmes, the head of Drama for Channel 7 about the scripts. 🙂 best wishes, Matt.

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