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When St Hilda’s establishes a Year 10 Wellness Program in response to the rise of cyber–bullying, three girls are thrown together and an unlikely friendship is sparked. One thing they have in common: each is targeted by Psst, a site devoted to gossip and slander that must have a source within St Hilda’s.

The Take Three Girls Program:

Booked Out is offering the rare chance for your students to work with three of Australia’s most accomplished YA writers in a program that combines creative writing and collaboration with conversations around identity, respect and resilience.

This critically acclaimed novel is a springboard for opening up vital classroom discussion on the issues young people navigate growing up, with panel discussions and workshops designed to take your students’ insights to the next level. Along with detailed teaching notes and lesson plans supplied by the publisher, this program can form the basis of a term’s work on both writing and student wellbeing.

Best suited to students in Years 8-10.


“Take Three Girls is raw and deeply authentic tale which expertly prompts students to think about the destructive nature of gossip, the damage of sexist behaviour and language, the struggle to find your identity and power of unexpected friendships.”

—Rebecca Sparrow, bestselling author, columnist and speaker

“It was very empowering for our students to see the dynamics of such a passionate team of writers. Their combined insights surrounding the issues portrayed in the novel (so relevant to our students) was powerful and contagious.”

—F. Longfield & C. Hainstock, Fintona Girls’ School Senior Library

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