A cover from another mother

2014 is such an exciting year for Wildlife – it’s out in Germany in April, and in the US in September. And here are the covers.

the next big thing meme

Simmone Howell tagged me, and I’m tagging Melina Marchetta, Vikki Wakefield, Emily Gale and Penni Russon..but ONLY if you have time, feel like it, the time is right to talk, etc, etc. Okay. 1. What is the working title of your next book? Wildlife. This post talks about the working titles it has had along…

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coming up with a title

* My new book, ‘Wildlife’, will be out next year. It is the second in an extremely loosely linked trilogy. Lou, from ‘Six Impossible Things’ is one of two point-of-view characters in ‘Wildlife’, and the other, the protagonist, is a new character, Sibylla. During its gestation ‘Wildlife’ has had a few working titles, and here’s…

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reading about food

I love reading about food. I often pick up Jane Grigson or Elizabeth David and open at random for a comfort (re)read. I take cook books to bed with me. Last weekend I read ‘Love & Hunger, Thoughts on the gift of food’, by Charlotte Wood. As the title suggests, this is not simply a…

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Why I don’t rank fellow-writers out of five

Since I’ve had one book published, and have another in train, the idea of sitting in judgement and ‘scoring’ a fellow-writer’s work makes me queasy. It’s got nothing to do with being annoyed by the limitation of five-star ratings: they are, perforce, reductive, but we’re all accustomed to living in a cultural space that spits…

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