While I was studying screenwriting, I wrote an entire one-hour legal drama – pilot episode, bible, a gazillion storylines – which I shopped around to try to persuade people to either make the show, or employ me on one of their shows. The legal drama never got made, but a good director and a good actor came on board. So, that was like an encouragement award.

And it led to employment, which was great, because it’s quite a hard industry to break into. I was lucky that my first ten scripts were for a lovely show on the ABC called ‘Something In The Air’. I got to work with and learn from some of the nicest people in the industry.

This led to writing scripts for Marshall Law, Always Greener, The Secret Life of Us, MDA, Headland, Home and Away, Neighbours, the children’s shows Silver Sun and Sleepover Club, and a couple of shows that were developed but never made, which happens a lot in tv.

I also work as a story consultant. That’s where you sit around a table talking through everything from story ideas to what brand of jeans a character might wear.

My most recent scriptwriting work has been on the family drama ‘Reef Doctors’ which will go to air in 2013. Meanwhile, I’m happily working on my third novel.

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